Carson Electronics - Box 535, Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0 Canada

Carson Electronics was originally started in Valemount, BC in 1973 offering various services such as installing master antenna television systems in motels and other buildings.

In 1989, we initiated a government funded research project to determine if a phase lock loop system would be a good alternative to existing ways of controlling small hydro plants. Ideally situated at one of two off-grid residences connected to a small hydroelectric power plant, the project soon began to show exciting results, leading to the controller now offered as a free design on this website.

In 1995, staff at BC Parks were looking at ways to determine how many people were using some of the trails in Provincial parks, including the famous Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Park near Valemount. They'd been flying in car batteries by helicopter to power light-beam type counters and it was expensive. Carson Electronics developed a passive type of counter which is expected to provide a ten-year battery life span using a small lithium coin cell. The small units are simple for a ranger on foot to bring to the study sites, eliminating the environmental hazards and fly-in cost of car batteries. These proved to be more accurate and easier to set up as well, and have become our main product.

Locally, we also do small hydro, solar and other renewable energy work.

 Art Carson