The Open Source Principle - as we see it

The term "Open Source" typically has been used to refer to a computer program which is free and available to everyone right down to the original source code which was written by the programmer. Carson Electronics has made a decision to remove all restrictions on distribution, copying, modification and use of information pertaining to our Phase Lock Loop small hydro control systems. This means:

  • The controller firmware source code is unrestricted freeware.
  • The controller electronic circuitry may be freely copied.
  • Any and all of our detailed hardware and software documentation is freely available also.
  • As far as we know, we are the first small hydro controls manufacturer to implement such a policy. We have seen that alternative energy users generally prefer to have a maximum amount of control and ownership over their systems, and we believe that our business should be founded on fine workmanship, experience and expertise rather than industrial secrecy.

    Art Carson, Owner

    Carson Electronics

    November 15, 2001