Current Rates

 Haulage of customer goods 45 kg (100 lbs) and over, on public roads $    .48 per km.
 Haulage of customer goods 45 kg (100 lbs) and over, on non-public roads $    .96 per km.
 Chain saw usage $  5.00 per hour
 Snowmobile usage (old Ski-doo Olympique) $ 8.00 per hour
Consultancy & related work for commercial hydropower, including travel time $60.00 per hour
Labor, other, including travel time $47.50 per hour



New for 2015: A commercial consultancy rate has been added. Former labor rates have been combined under the existing small hydro/trail counters labor rate.


Carson Electronics no longer accepts credit card payments. Merchant fees have crept upwards to the point where they were absorbing almost all the value of the few credit card transactions we have been doing lately. A cheque in the mail is all that is required, or if you represent a department of a government within North America (right down to the municipal level) you may be eligible for open-account deliveries. Certain well-established non-governmental customers may be extended the same privileges at our discretion.


Time spent on a job includes actual work time and any travel time directly related to the work. Travel costs may be partially or fully shared between more than one customer if travel to more than one job can be combined into one trip.


Use of company chainsaws and other powered equipment is calculated as "time in hand", that is, from the time the equipment is taken out of a vehicle or night storage area in the bush, etc. to the time it goes back into same. However if the equipment's task is delayed by more than 15 consecutive minutes due to any failure of the equipment, that equipment is then considered to be no longer on the job and neither the equipment's time nor any time spent repairing it is further charged for until it is returned to service.


Certain types of simple work performed at a commercial hydropower site (I.E. routine intake cleaning) may not necessarily be billed at the consultancy rate. Please enquire for rates for a specific job.


Trail counter repair: Repairs to out-of-warranty units are charged at the above hourly labor rate but repair cost is capped at $100 per trail counter. A typical repair job often costs less than this.
Small hydro: We offer one free single-day site visit per calendar year per customer for the purpose of evaluating a site for its hydroelectric power potential. The free day may alternatively consist of a visual check at an existing hydro installation to establish a general sense of whether the installation is operating properly and performing to its full potential. Site must have reasonable vehicle access or no more than 6 hours round trip access on foot.

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