Origins of the Packsaddle Creek Trail
And Explorations with a camera along Packsaddle Creek

A photo collection
Art Carson

A number of Valemount residents made an effort in the late 1960's and early 1970's to build a rough hiking trail along the length of the Packsaddle Creek valley a few km. east of town. Although the trail was never completed to the headwaters of the stream, a roughly 3.5 to 4 km. portion has been sporadically maintained by myself and others and remains an easy way to explore a sizeable mountain stream and its as yet untouched valley, almost on Valemount's doorstep.

This is a photo collection covering some of the early routefinding, exploration and use of the trail during the 1970's.

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Footlog Routefinding Big Slide Side Valley Main Valley
Spruce Grouse American Dipper Billy Goat Nanny & Kids Billy
Vertical Pasture Goat Habitat Snow Face Image Enhanced Enhanced More
Cicada Cricket Cricket Wren on Nest 1st Bridge
1st Bridge Spring Bridge Site Old Avalanche Monkeyflowers
Debris Flow Small Waterfall Snow Bridge Packsaddle Creek Pond
  Main Falls   Sunset  

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