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Carson Electronics - Box 535, Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0 Canada

We're a small business which manufactures:

Trail usage counters
(Currently CDN$435.00 Each)
subject to change without notice - inquire below
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[photo of version 3 trail counter] For counting pedestrians.  Battery life estimated at FIVE YEARS* or more. No light beam. Small, light and very accurate.

Trail Counters Leaflet

PTC-3 Users Guide

PTC-3 Guide de l'utilisateur

We're also involved in small hydroelectric power services and equipment design - and we've released our main designs into the public domain!
Check out the links below, and these photos:

The Phase Lock Loop hydro controller formerly built and sold by Carson Electronics is now available as a free public domain design.

Photo of Phase Lock Loop Controller on Powerhouse Wall
Closeup photo of control & display panel on controller
An LCD screen and 5 LED lamps display the plant's operational status, including load management, extra power currently available, and water control (the ">" in the corner of the screen means the controller is "increasing water" to the turbine).

  Click on a photo for more info.

 The LMD-4 Load Management Decoder
Google Small Hydro Search
Services and Rates
HydroMania - free downloads
Mountain Mania
Just For Fun (a topological challenge)
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Carson Electronics
2950 McKirdy Road
Box 535
Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0 Canada
Telephone 1 250 566 4694

*If you have a PTC-3 trail counter with Serial number prior to 10101314, hang onto it - these units have roughly double the battery life of current units (estimated at up to 10 years). A change in design of the LCD display, done by the display manufacturers apparently in response to the discontinuation of a part they were using, has led to increased power consumption of the PTC-3.